About Us

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Patients and their doctors have come to rely on our highly-skilled staff, outstanding customer service and state-of-the-art technology. Corporate Woods Open MRI is committed to providing you with all of these things so that your MRI exam can go as smoothly as possible, with the highest quality diagnostic imaging available anywhere.

Corporate Woods Open MRI was founded in 2000. We offer the highest quality diagnostic imaging services, and base our success on our ability to treat our patients with dignity and respect.

We like people to know they have a choice in where they get their MRI done. Up to 60 percent of patients choose an open MRI if they are given the opportunity. At CW Open MRI, patients are our highest priority. We understand phobias and apprehension. Our staff is trained to comfort claustrophobic patients. Our goal is to make our patients as comfortable as possible, while maintaining the highest technical quality available.

We do the little things that may get overlooked in closed, tunnel-type MRI machines. Patients may even bring a friend or family member along to sit in the room with them during their scan. There is a music system in the machine allowing calming music, or patients may bring a CD of their favorite music. While we rarely need the patient to be sedated, the patient may consult their physician about this and we will gladly accommodate people who come to us with oral sedation.

We are in all of the local insurance networks,* so the patient does not have to worry about hefty out-of-network bills. Our staff will verify your insurance before your appointment allowing peace of mind in case a pre-certification is needed. The reports are ready for your doctor in 24 hours, many times the same day. Our Center continues to get rave reviews from referring doctors and reading physicians alike.

There are many reasons to CHOOSE Corporate Woods Open MRI. If your doctor requests an MRI, please ask them to send you to CW Open MRI. You will be glad you did. Our service and quality really do make the difference!